Specialty Medias

Available Through Our Diversified Network Of Suppliers, Specialty Medias Include:
  • For Acidic Gases¬†And H2S Applications We Carry A Selection Of Impregnated Media
  • For Oil Adsorption- Modified Clay Or Zeolite Which Is Known To Remove Up To 90% Of Oil From A Water Systems.
  • For Trace Metal Removal-We Can Provide Trace Metal Removal Media To Assist In The Removal Of Contaminants From Wastewater With Greater Than 90% Efficiency.
  • For Arsenic Removal- Specialty Media Consisting Of Activated Alumina
  • For Lead Adsorption- Specialty Media Made Up Of Bone Char Or Hydroxyapatite
  • Also Available Are Gravel And Sand Filtration Medias.
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